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serving the communities of

Bingham, Cotgrave, Radcliffe-on-Trent

and the villages in The Vale

Registered charity number 1046617

The Vale of Belvoir



Fund Raising

Our Youth Committee plans for 2016 - 17  

Key objectives :

Create closer working relationships with the Primary schools in our area as we build on our existing work of the provision of Dictionaries / Atlas's and targeted at creating new development opportunities for young people.

Develop a working relationship with Toot Hill via the existing Bingham Rotary connection and new initiatives.

Explore how we may help provide opportunities to local youth organisations.

Proposed Initiatives

To repeat the successful Art competition format for our Junior Schools. The theme is yet to be agreed but feedback for last year was very positive and we hope to find a theme that will bring out the best of aspiring artists. Again the intention is that winning entries are exhibited at the Radcliffe Art Exhibition.

To establish a Rota Kids club at one of our Junior schools. 3 schools to date have expressed interest in discussing this initiative further.

To offer Vocational opportunities to assist D of E candidates at Toot Hill School / local youth organisations to complete the Volunteering section of this award at its various levels. Eg support at the Memory café.

To continue to pursue Young Enterprise support at Dayncourt / Toot Hill.

To undertake Mock Interviews at Toot Hill.

To generate opportunities for our young people offered via the Vales got Talent  Show - e.g. Sponsored entry to the Rotary Young Musician Gala.

Looks like it could be a busy year…

Chris Netherwood is the chairman of our Youth Services Committee. He is a founder member of the Vale of Belvoir and, when he was Community Committee Chairman, set up our Community Fund.