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serving the communities of

Bingham, Cotgrave, Radcliffe-on-Trent

and the villages in The Vale

Registered charity number 1046617

The Vale of Belvoir



Fund Raising

A principle from last year was that we placed more emphasis on one key sustainable project so we are considering working further with Child Aid Uganda to renovate 3 classroom blocks for two schools. To enable us to do this we hope to link up with other clubs in our district who may be looking for International projects but who haven't been able to secure good relations.

OUR PLANS FOR 2016  - 17

After last years success with the Solar project it is felt that we should continue to support with supplying a further 100 lamps for the vulnerable families.

We will continue to support the Nepalese pupils Shuk Bahadar Gurung and Krishna Acharya for another year through primary education, but will also look into the costs for their future education as they progress into college.

It was agreed to purchase one Shelter box which can be sent anywhere in the world to help displaced people through natural disasters.

It was agreed to purchase one Aqua box which will be sent where needed in times of disaster.

Other charities this year that we are looking at are ones that we have supported before but would like to resurrect our support. They are Hope & Homes for children, a charity which works to ensure that children have the chance to grow up in the love of a family, and Riders for Health another amazing charity which provides health care to remote African villages using motorbikes and motorcycle ambulances.   

Other charities we are looking at are:" Hope & homes for children" and "Riders for

Health". These are ones we have supported in the past but would like to resurrect our support.


Steve Carson is the new Foundation officer 2016/17

He is in possession of the 2016/17 Grants Information Pack from District.

Club donations to Foundation remain at £68 per capita.


No fundraising events planned at the moment but investigations into a swimathon are still in the early stages. Co-ordinator is Steve Carson.

Jane Hart. (International Chair: 2016/17).

Since the formation of our Club we've looked after international students, hosted business people on international exchange visits, twinned with a French Club, and entertained Rotarians from other countries. To view some of these exchanges you can click on this link.

Jane, our International Committee Chairman for the second year, recommended that we allocate some of the club's charitable funds to support some of Rotary's own ventures outside of the UK. Some of these have always been on our agenda but new ones have been introduced this year.