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serving the communities of

Bingham, Cotgrave, Radcliffe-on-Trent

and the villages in The Vale

Registered charity number 1046617

The Vale of Belvoir



Fund Raising

It is intended that any grant will help:
begin a new or develop an existing community organisation for the benefit of local people;

support the development of young people in local schools;Ÿ

support the individual development of young people.

The group, school or individual must be resident in the local area (i.e the local parishes of Radcliffe, Cotgrave, Bingham, East Bridgford Car Colston, Kinoulton, Hickling or the groups of Wiverton and Cranmer.

It is expected average grants will be between £100 and £250 and it is anticipated that this funding will often compliment other support or act as start-up funding to enable other sources of funds to be accessed.

The fund’s managing group will make their decisions quarterly (December, March, June, September).

Since its inception the fund has been supplemented by a single donation to be used to help Disabled People. Both funds will continue to run and be "topped up" from funds that the Club raises locally.

Any individual or group wishing to be considered

for a Vale of Belvoir Rotary Community Fund Grant should complete

the online application form

send us an email

The Vale of Belvoir Rotary Club Community Fund

was established to

provide help and support

to local community groups, schools and individuals.